Srđan Pešić
friends call me Srki ❤️


I believe that equitable access to information and technology has the power to create a more just and inclusive world.

design thinking

empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test

design for equity

fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all

user centered design

focus on users at the center of design and development

I look at
the world
with a big eye.

4 everyone

Ask lots of questions. Be more observant. Be an active listener. Request input. Have an open mind. Keep current on UX research.


My name is Srđan Pešić.

I am a Google Certified UX Designer from Serbia born in 1979. 
I’m a motivated full-stack designer focused on clean and scalable user experience and visual design. I’ve been a freelancer for the last 10+ years.

In my past life, I’ve worked as a sales & marketing manager. My interest was fueled by a life-long desire to understand and connect with people from different backgrounds.

Through user-centric design, I am able to do just that. Understanding the human experience is essential for creating useful and effective products. I enjoy using my skill set to empower people to accomplish their goals.

I create digital experiences that make life easier.

User’s experience is at the center of how I design products.

The best way for me to create a great user experience is to know and empathize with the user. 

As a UX designer, empathizing with users enhances the products I create because I experience the product as the user does. The better I am at anticipating a user’s desires and needs, the more comfortable the user will feel with my design, and the more likely they will be to engage with the product long-term.

Now that you know how I think, find out more about my skills and what makes me unique.

UX / UI Design

Web Design

Logo Design

Branding / Packaging

Photo Manipulation

Social Media Design



Adobe XD


Adobe CS


WordPress / Elementor Pro


Serbian – Croatian




Any other – Google Translate 🙂 

In my previous life I was a :

  • Black Belt 1st Dan in Aikido
  • Black Belt 3rd Dan in JuJitsu
  • Professional Bodyguard Instructor
  • Sports Diving State Champion year 1997

Nowadays I love long walks (10K+) in the nature with my loving wife and our adorable 7 year old Labrador. Traveling, traveling and more traveling.  




UX Designer Freelance Consultant

March 10, 2021

Started the development of three new UX projects under Google guidance within their certification program.

Freelancer Consultant

Visual / Web Designer

January 5, 2013

Worked on a multitude of different projects. Including web design, UI design for mobile and web apps, branding and logo design, marketing campaigns, illustrations, photo manipulation and product packaging design.

Clients were mainly from Western Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

Over 550+ satisfied clients in total.

DKV GmbH Germany

Sales Executive Manager

February 18, 2011

Worked as Sales Director for the Balkan region specifically in Serbia.

Developed a large B2B client base within the transport industry, maintained and expanded all the top tier client accounts.

Top Manager Of The Year 2012.

MediaBoy South Africa

Managing Director

May 09, 2008

Became a partner and a Managing Director in a new startup guerilla marketing company.

Leading the R&D (research and development) and implementation of the new proactive marketing tools and strategies.

Conducted large scale nationwide advertising campaigns for clients like Playboy, Monster Drink, Sony, BMW, Porsche, Chrysler etc.

let's make something

I love designing new things, starting from a blank screen and creating something inspiring for my clients. Pushing the limits of my creativity, abilities and knowledge every step of the way is my voyage.

Did I mention That I DO


Yes, that is also one of my specialities and big passions. Let me tell your story right!

In order to communicate your true brand identity to your audience and enhance your business you need to BRAND IT!

Creative solutions and professional branding make great things happen. Contact me and let’s take your business to the next level. 

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